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We leverage our voice with over 800 leading CEOs to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

Engage. Empower. Equity. Everyday. INTREN believes that engagement, empowerment, diversity, and equity result in higher overall performance and a more creative work environment.  To cultivate that work environment, we are committed to creating a place where all feel valued and respected. We recognize that a variety of business, life, and cultural experiences results in more innovative solutions for our customers. We believe that INTREN’s commitment to increase diversity, equity and inclusion is essential to changing the face of construction and OutPerforming. Everyday.INTREN’s “Changing the Face of Construction” is not a social experiment - and it’s more than just having a female CEO, and women-controlled board. It’s an aggressive program tightly woven into the fabric of the INTREN mission that supports a more inclusive workplace for all employees, our communities and society at large.

Though diversity of thought and services are integral to INTREN, what really sets us apart is being open to new ideas and ways of thinking while establishing a workplace that represents the communities we serve.

Turning Intention Into Action

The INTREN environment is powerful and engaging. Employees at all levels, as well as their contributions, are highly regarded. Equity and well-being are foremost. From the very beginning and continuing to this very day, INTREN has forged unique and fulfilling connections with contractors and suppliers to get the job done. These strategic partnerships continually evolve with terms that go well beyond the legal agreement or the aims of top management.

Whether we’re uplifting other women and minority-owned businesses through outreach and mentorship, increasing job opportunities for minorities through programs like Chicago-based CONSTRUCT, or actively participating with our local communities, we believe that the best way to move forward is to focus outward.

More than Rhetoric

More than rhetoric, we believe that each individual should have full opportunity to thrive within our company. Because eliminating unconscious bias is a transformative process, we conduct regular employee training sessions to help instill better leadership and deal with issues of equity in the workplace. If we are not attentive to the differences between Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, our efforts may be in vain.

  • Diversity: We recognize all ways in which people differ as a critical component for a growing business.
  • Equity: We practice fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for all people.
  • Inclusion: We create environments in which people feel welcomed, respected, supported and valued.

INTREN pursues a strategy that integrates diversity, equity and inclusion into everything we do. We continue to build a diverse and inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees.

INTREN is a first-tier, women’s business enterprise (WBE) - the largest owned and operated in the utility contractor sector, with a robust second tier Supplier Diversity program. With over 70 actively registered Minority and Women business enterprise (MWBE) companies to date, our suppliers have undergone rigorous screening, including the highest safety and quality standards.

Encouraging Collective Action

Diversity, equality, and inclusion is a business development and  talent retention strategy for  innovation, creativity and advanced  customer solutions. We’re now  taking it one step further and adding  ‘Equality’ to our commitment.   In today’s business environment,  it’s no longer just the right  thing to do. When you articulate  your business strategy as including  a talent strategy, it has more teeth  and affects every value and every  aspect of our company.We realize that diverse suppliers may not yet have the capability to service a major corporate utility contract on their own. However, they can contribute goods and services as a Tier 2 supplier. Our continuous path to expand our supplier diversity program spend encourages the partnership with diverse suppliers such as:

  • Minority-owned
  • Women-owned
  • Veteran-owned
  • LGBTQ-owned
  • Service-disabled veteran owned
  • SBA-defined small business vendors as suppliers in the economic activities of the company

The Foundation of Our Success

As a natural progression for future growth, INTREN has embraced diversity, equity and inclusion at its core from its inception. It’s in our DNA and the very foundation of who we are as a company. We believe that a diverse workplace fosters creativity and innovation, while allowing the company and employees to reach their full potential.

We work daily in building an inclusive environment where all people are valued, respected and empowered. Our mission is to work continuously in building and enabling a skilled, diverse workforce ready and well equipped to deliver for our customers.

Diversity Starts at the Top

We recognize that we have a voice, and that our mission can only be achieved if we foster a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion that starts at the top. With our Founder, Loretta Rosenmayer at the helm as Chairwoman of the Board, we are proud to include a wide and diverse listing of industry leaders guiding us along the way on our Board of Directors:

  • Kelly Tomblin, CEO INTREN
  • Christina Miller, former Miller Construction CEO
  • Sherina Maye Edwards, Partner - Quarles & Brady LLP
  • Norma Corio, Senior Managing Director One Equity Partners
  • Lance Rosenmayer, President, INTREN
  • JB Cherry, Senior Managing Director of One Equity Partners
  • Matthew Hughes Director, One Equity Partners

Our Ongoing Diversity Initiatives

Minority Job-Training Programs

    In 2012, grass-roots groups, contractors and politicians supported the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (EIMA) bill to rebuild Illinois. The challenge was with a workload increase, the existing labor pool demographics did not reflect the communities in which the work was done. However, INTREN’s Matthew Turk and Loretta Rosenmayer had an idea to create a program where minorities would be given an opportunity to train for entry-level construction positions; an opportunity they never may have had. After meeting with ComEd, where the concept was further developed, the CONSTRUCT program was born.

    Now, in its 7th year, CONSTRUCT has become a program powered by an alliance of companies, social service agencies and labor unions that are committed to removing barriers for minority individuals interested in the construction industry. The 9-week program offers diverse students annually job readiness and life skills training, information and guidance necessary to compete for good-paying, entry-level jobs in construction-related fields. INTREN has been committed to CONSTRUCT both financially and in time and training, since its launch.

  • CONSTRUCT-Like Programs

    INTREN is currently in joint efforts with several utilities to bring similar programs to other regions of the country

  • Nicor Career Academy
    As a founding sponsor in the Nicor Career Academy, INTREN played an integral role in training participants and supporting the program financially.

We are still recovering from the pain of our history, along with our experiences, our stories and our education. We have been taught in various ways, both consciously and unconsciously,  that there are significant differences between people with different colored skin. My life’s work has been about unity and equality and bringing down the barriers that divide us.
Employee Training & Programs

Training our employees on subjects, such as unconscious bias and historical education is vital to integrating DEI into the corporate culture. Whether it be race, gender, sexual preference or even age, it is up to every person to look inside themselves to discover where their biases may lie and adjust their patterns of thinking and eliminate any behaviors not conducive to an inclusive workplace.

At INTREN, there are also numerous ways for employees to get involved. With employees from coast-to-coast, it is vital to connect and engage across regions, where every one’s voice can be heard.

  • Culture Leadership Team
  • Diversity Council
  • Women’s POWER Group
  • Executive Women’s Group (WIN)
  • Women’s Mentoring Program

Supporting Over 250 Charitable Organizations

At INTREN, stewardship is just not a way of doing business, but a way of life. At the core is supporting minority organizations that lift other’s up and give them hope for a better tomorrow. For a complete listing of all our non-profit initiatives, learn more here.

We invite you to take the CEO Action pledge to act on Diversity & Inclusion

Your company can join INTREN’s CEO Kelly Tomblin and more than 800 CEOs of the world’s leading companies and business organizations that have committed to act and make change happen in their workplace!

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Click here to listen to Kelly Tomblin's interview about INTREN's diversity action on WGN Radio!