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Quality Commitment

INTREN is driven by our pursuit of excellence and guided by an unwavering commitment to our core values of Safety, Integrity, Customer Focus and Employee Empowerment. We strive to continuously improve our Quality Management System, comply with applicable requirements, strengthen our culture of stewardship and support our strategic initiatives in order to deliver exceptional value to every one of our stakeholders. At INTREN, We are Outperforming. Everyday.

Quality Principles

  • Customer Focus
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Employee Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Leadership Commitment
  • Process/Data Driven

Intren uses many steps across departments to ensure quality work

Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015 COMPLIANT

INTREN has a well-defined, documented Quality Management System that is supported and managed by certified professionals passionate about delivering Stakeholder value every day.

  • Quality Assurance – Global approach. Customer specific.
  • Quality Control – Cutting edge technology used by experienced professionals.
  • Quality Audits – Internal reviews supported by 3rd party audits.

Quality Structure

Intrens quality structure

INTREN supports a fact based, systematic approach to Quality. We believe in constantly evaluating our current operating processes for effectiveness and potential improvement. Our processes involve INTREN subject matter experts, stakeholders with diverse perspectives, and respected industry experts to deliver collaborative, insightful solutions to dynamic challenges. This approach not only supports current operations but also provides a progressive platform for future growth.

Voice of Our Customers

Quality is extremely important to our industry but no one Quality Management System will meet every specific need of every customer. At INTREN, we work to collaborate with each of our customers in order to develop custom, relevant Quality Management Systems that deliver real value to every client. Our team is committed to improving operations based on constructive stakeholder feedback and works daily to better understand opportunities and share Lessons Learned across the entire INTREN enterprise. At INTREN, Our customers have learned that trusting us is good for business.

Continuous Improvement

At INTREN, we believe in learning and improving from every possible opportunity. We meticulously gather and analyze data to help understand ways in which we can leverage our experience across a national footprint in order to develop predictive solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. At INTREN, we strive to improve every day.