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Illinois-Based Utility Contractor Now Works on Power lines from Power Generation to Home Delivery 

With 29 years built on servicing the nation’s energy distribution needs, utility contractor INTREN has made its electrical services full circle for utilities as it announces the creation of its Electric Transmission department. Traditionally operating as a contractor for utilities substation and distribution needs, the addition of its electric transmission service offering provides INTREN the opportunity to work on all power lines from energy generation to delivery at a home or business.

“For an organization that does distribution power and substations already, offering transmission services is the next logical step in our business model,” said Regional Vice President Jason Combs. “INTREN has developed a team that consists of management and field personnel with vast transmission experience and knowledge. The flexibility and mobility of our workforce will be key while discussing work with our partners nationwide.”

Combs, who has been with INTREN since 2013, will oversee the electric transmission department made up of field personnel and management with vast transmission experience and knowledge. Combs brings over 20-years’ experience in both in both transmission and distribution systems. The department will be stationed in Concord, Cali., and serve as a hub for all operations nationwide.

“This new service aligns perfectly with INTREN’s vision to continue to be a steward within the industry and communities in which we serve,” said Director of Business Development James Althoff. “There is a need for qualified and capable contractors to perform this transmission work. The development and implementation of this transmission department is just another solution INTREN brings to the table to fulfill our clients’ needs.”

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