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As Storm Stella unleashed her fury and 10+ inches of snow in the Chicagoland area on Tuesday, March 14, the transmission team led by General Forman, Andy Taft, stood up to her blustery blizzard conditions to kick off their job. Wreaking havoc with AM commuters and delaying hundreds of flights, it was business as usual for the INTREN team, in spite of very tough, white-out conditions.

INTREN was given a 3-day outage to complete the job, which was to re-conductor 1 span of 1113 ASCR with 1033 ACSS/TW to get higher clearance over a building under INTREN customer’s 138 KV Line.  The line ran parallel with another line, which was to remain hot during the job. 

Besides the weather, the job had its challenges. The line ran through the entrance and parking lot of a company’s major transportation hub in Chicago.  INTREN had to allow access to the fueling station and buildings, while maintaining protection for the company’s workers. 

The poles were light dead-end mono poles installed in the late 60s and they had to be extra cautious to support the arms during the work, so there was no damage to them.  The new wire was installed using high-temp compression dead ends and all new hardware.   It provided better clearance on the building and brought the line in to compliance with NERC standards.

The desire to make sure INTREN provided the customer with the best product and on-time was shown in the work the INTREN team did.  The foremen showed great leadership with their crews to make sure they and the public was safe.  The crew finished early and was able to open the parking lot back to the transportation company, who thanked INTREN for the great job they did and their professionalism.

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