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One Year Incident-FreeCongratulations to INTREN’s Fleet and Supply Chain department under Support Services for achieving 1-Year Incident-Free in April. The department successfully completed 365 days incident-free making it the eighth department at INTREN in eight months to reach this remarkable goal, a feat rarely accomplished in the utility construction industry.

The department has two main locations to serve the needs of INTREN’s numerous offices and yards across the country in 10 states and is responsible for providing equipment, tooling and supplies in support of our construction operations.

The Fleet and Supply Chain department includes over 45 union and office employees that perform the following functions: Warehouse and Inventory Management, Vehicle Licensing, GPS and P-Card/Fuel Card Administration, Fleet Repairs and Maintenance, Equipment Procurement and Storm Response support. They are also tasked with recruitment of vendors, subcontractors and national accounts. Currently INTREN has over 1800 pieces of equipment for Fleet to maintain, repair and track, and over $2.5 million in inventory of tools and supplies to manage.

“We are very proud of this accomplishment as working safely is one of our core goals. The folks in Fleet and Warehouse are committed to the discipline needed to work safely and have a strong sense of community where they are concerned for and watch out for one another, “ said Senior Director Supply Chain Pat Williams.

In addition to the Fleet and Supply Chain department, INTREN’s Midwest East Electrical, Midwest Commercial & Industrial, Midwest Central (MWC) Operations Support, Midwest South (MWS) Tulsa department, MWC Boring, MWS Cincinnati Civil Underground and MWC Substation departments reached one-year incident-free in the past eight months.

Congratulations to Pat Williams and his team - Thank you for OutPerforming. Everyday. and being the measure of excellence in our industry!