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Business Development Manager Lloyd Gillespie represented INTREN in Washington D.C. from May 15-18th
to  speak with Illinois representatives in Congress concerning the Clean Water/Safe The CapitolDrinking Water State Revolving Fund.

This is of great importance to INTREN because Lance Rosenmayer of INTREN is on the Board of Directors of the Underground Contractors Association of Illinois, which is connected to the Clean Water Construction Coalition (CWCC). This coalition supports the highest possible funding levels for the Clean Water/Safe Drinking Water state revolving fund in the annual appropriations process for the budget.

The CWCC was created in 2006 by many large construction associations that wished to promote federal legislation which would improve national water and wastewater infrastructure.

Lloyd and the Coalition spoke with Illinois House and Senate members about how they can help make sure Illinois has enough funding to provide clean water while deciding the budget. Congress has yet to vote on this issue. Some of the Congress members and/or their aides Lloyd was able to meet were Congressman Randy Hultgren from Marengo, Joe Bushong for Senator Durbin, Mark Copeland for Senator Duckworth, Miles Chiotti for Congressman R. Davis, Max Frankel for Congressman Quigley, JT Mackey for Congressman Kinzinger, and Ashley Antoskiewicz for Congressman LaHood.

Lloyd indicates recent water disasters as the motivation for the CWCC’s campaign for clean water. “Our failure to maintain and improve our water infrastructure has real and dangerous outcomes, like the ongoing lead crisis in Flint, Michigan. It’s critical that we as individual citizens and organizations reach out to our leaders in Washington to remind them that we don’t want another crisis in
 Illinois, and their support for triple funding is needed for clean water.”