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WBE Specialty Utility Contractor INTREN Does Quality Differently


Not since the Industrial Revolution have companies been so challenged with the absolute need to change the way they manage and operate. Technological, regulatory, and competitive forces are shifting the utility landscape which will change dramatically in the not so distant future with quality performance being a leading differentiator.  


Company Information:  

WBE specialty utility contractor, INTREN has faced these evolving changes head-on by announcing a unique, innovative approach to quality management that is designed to involve every employee, in every department, at every level and at every INTREN office throughout the country.  With ISO 9001:2015 standards as their guide, INTREN has successfully implemented an updated quality management system that addresses the individual concerns of each customer while creating a strategic advantage for INTREN internally by providing a platform for continuous improvement.Intren quality structure diagram


“How we approach quality is more important than the progressive tools we use,” states Scott Fowler, INTREN’s Quality Manager. 


While no one approach will meet the needs of every customer, the INTREN leadership team has chosen to follow the latest ISO model to ensure a high level of integrity within its Quality program.


As the company enters its 30th year in business, INTREN continues to earn the trust of many of the nation’s largest utilities, municipalities and cooperatives dedicated to building and maintaining the infrastructure of the energy industry.   Now, this award-winning company has expanded its brand into new markets by integrating a customer centric, scalable quality management system into the way they do business.


“We believe our commitment and approach to quality provides us with a unique competitive advantage,” states Fowler. “We’ve listened carefully to our customers and responded in a professional way by providing all stakeholders with scalable, expandable and cost-effective solutions to quality.


Our CEO, Kelly Tomblin, along with INTREN’s senior leadership, are the champions behind this effort and are clearly committed to its success. We’ve all been empowered to personally deliver the best quality possible each and every day.”


INTREN has strengthened its internal culture of ‘OutPerforming. Everyday.’ by developing a strategic process and structured model behind its quality improvements.  The INTREN process is based on integrity and is designed to ensure every customer gets consistent quality service every time. “We’re focused on producing quality work the first time, every time, because people’s lives and livelihoods depend on the services we deliver.   One of our shared goals is to self-identify risk and reduce rework to increase our competitiveness,” stated Fowler.


Both field and office teams regularly review operating processes to identify current or potential quality issues.  Each day, every work group is expected to “Self-Identify” Quality shortcomings in order to prevent future consequences.  The identified risks are communicated as “Lessons Learned” across the entire INTREN organization.


INTREN is a leading specialty contractor, well known for serving the needs of its customers.  Their customer-centric approach ensures that every INTREN employee is trained to clearly understand how Quality is defined for each specific customer but also how to best deliver that Quality.  Since quality is not a one size fits all concept, listening to understand is INTREN’S first step in delivering a customer focused Quality solution. 


Regular status updates consist of high-level graphical reports, along with location specific detailed reports that outline Quality compliance as well as self-identified deficiencies. “We’ve learned to take the Quality message to where the audience is,” stated Fowler.  “By using a wide variety of communication tools, we are able to deliver a consistent Quality message to a broad audience.” 


In the end INTREN hopes to accomplish two goals:  First, that customers will appreciate the company’s full transparency and know that placing their trust in INTREN is good for business.  Second, that all stakeholders see quality as a personal responsibility. 


“This is a game changer in the industry.  We are clearly demonstrating that as our customer’s needs evolve, so has the way INTREN responds.  We want to be known as a trusted partner that delivers economical, quality solutions to our customers every time,” stated Fowler. 


As the economic spotlight in utility operations continues to drive efficiencies, INTREN has identified Quality as a strategic advantage and uses Continuous Improvement as a way to reduce costs associated with previously unidentified opportunities. The INTREN approach to Quality stresses that every employee validate quality work at every step of a project.  While the INTREN team is reminded daily of the benefits of completing work error free, understanding how to deliver Quality to each specific customer is what sets them apart.


INTREN has always used Quality as a cornerstone for success. Now they are advancing their efforts by putting this unique process and structured model behind its plan for continued growth and future success.


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