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George Castellano has been hired as Director of Operations for INTREN's East Coast Gas Division to significantly bolster efforts to provide gas services to an expanding market of customers. As such, George has direct operational oversight of all gas projects currently being performed in the Baltimore and Philadelphia areas as well as future opportunities George Castellano with an INTREN truckfor east coast growth. George brings over 30 years of experience in underground utility construction working on both coasts and has a Bachelor of Science in business administration.

In accordance with INTREN's 2018 strategic initiatives, the INTREN Gas Division is experiencing significant growth. INTREN has been recently awarded a series of contracts across its various operating regions, and more manpower is crucial in preparations for this dramatic growth. George will continue to build upon East Coast Regional offices, increase INTREN's market share with existing major utility companies, and identify new revenue streams and market opportunities.

"We're very excited to have George join our team," Jeff Nauman, Vice President of Gas Operations, stated. "With our east coast gas teams in Philadelphia and Baltimore experiencing such rapid growth, combined with numerous new opportunities, the timing was right to add a Director of Operations located on the east coast who is solely dedicated to our customers in that region. This move also allows Doug Anderson [Director of Operations, Midwest Gas] to focus on our Midwest gas customers where we are also experiencing significant growth with several other new opportunities."

Matt Turk, Executive Vice President of Customer Solutions, gave his opinion on the hire. "With growth in our gas division, this is the perfect time to have both Midwest and East Coast directors of operations. We're excited that George joined the team and that Doug can focus on the Midwest."