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Regional Vice President of Business Development, Keith Garvey and Business Development Manager, Lloyd Gillespie graduated from BGE's 1-year Focus Forward Academy in September. BGE launched this Academy, a diverse business empowerment initiative, in 2013. The program provides rigorous technical assistance, coaching and direct access to BGE leaders and business partners who are committed to growing diversity and certified partnerships.

"The Focus Forward Diversity Academy was an exceptional program that offered multiple benefits," said Keith Garvey, "It gave us the opportunity to meet BGE buyers and better understand their processes and selection criteria. The academy also gave us a chance to interact and build stronger relationships with both diverse regional companies and senior executives from BGE."

The Academy is one of several initiatives which helped BGE receive national recognition by Edison Electric Institute (EEI) this spring for its commitment to increase business and relationships with diverse suppliers.

The graduation's guest speaker Calvin Butler, CEO of BGE, said since becoming CEO at BGE he has seen a steady improvement in efficiencies and productivity by having a diverse team. He said BGE has done better financially each year, and the company's diversity spend increased from 14% in 2013 to what will be near 33% this year. Butler also shared that 29 companies that graduated from Focus Forward received contracts valued at $150M.

"Our opportunity to participate in the Focus Forward Academy means that we are joining a very distinguished group of graduates. Last year, several graduates of this program successfully competed and won major awards," said Lloyd Gillespie.

BGE is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation. With headquarters in Baltimore, MD, BGE was founded in 1816 as the nation's first gas utility and currently is Maryland's largest natural gas and electric utility. 

For more information regarding the Focus Forward Academy, please contact Keith Garvey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.