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Intren and Miller Construction in 2018
June marks the one-year anniversary of joining forces with Miller Construction Company and we couldn't be prouder to call this amazing team part of the INTREN family.

When we first met Miller CEO Christina Ernst, we were impressed that they were a third-generation full-service electrical contracting company and a leading WBE. However, as we learned more about the company her grandfather built, we realized that we valued the same culture, which centered upon a deep customer focus, an ongoing commitment to safety, and a true caring for our employees and the communities we serve. It was because of these shared values that we knew we had found a true partner.

We also had the honor of welcoming Christina Ernst to the INTREN Board of Directors, which is still one of the few women-controlled boards in the utility contractor space. Her guidance and contribution are invaluable, and reinforces what founder Loretta Rosenmayer has always said, "companies do well in the marketplace by doing good."

Even though each one of the Miller employees now feel like family, we will continue to honor the Miller legacy and the three generations that built that extraordinary company.