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Des Moines Crew with Tucker"This morning I was driving in Des Moines, IA when my 5-year old son noticed your work trucks. Being the curious boy, he is at 5-yrs old, he asked what he was doing. Expecting a brief answer, I was surprised when the worker told my son they were digging a hole and asked him if he wanted to see it.

The worker climbed out of his truck, put on his safety gear, and walked my son over to the spot they were working on. The worker kneeled and showed my son how they will be using the big bolts to hold the light pole, how the lights were going to be installed and explained the spot where then 5G internet will be on the pole. He even posed for a picture with my boy!
This man totally made a 5-yr old boy's day just by taking the time to show him his work!!"

--Nathanial, Homeowner

Thank you to Foreman Aaron Boylan, along with General Foreman Cory Michel, Journeyman/Wireman Jim Melcher, and Apprentice Jackson Rosenmayer for your kindness. You are truly #INTRENStrong #OutPerformingEveryday