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intren crew members jeff whiting and bob evansINTREN is honored to celebrate Equipment Operator Jeff Whiting's 25 years of service, along with Underground Electric Foreman Bob Evans' 20 years of service to the company.

"Jeff (left) and Bob (right) have been core employees in Wisconsin's support for the past years," said Electrical Engineer Casey Lemke. "Their knowledge and dedication to their craft have made INTREN successful while performing work for our utility customer. We are fortunate to have such longstanding employees that understand the INTREN culture and have put that to work in the field for the last 20 plus years."

Thank you for your commitment to your craft and to INTREN.

intren crews clean up after a utah windstormINTREN's Iowa crews mobilized to northern Utah after a historic wind with gusts up to 100 mph ripped off roofs and uprooted thousands of trees causing widespread power outages to the Beehive State. This was part of the same weather system that caused the snowstorm in the Rockies and is currently fueling the fires along the West coast. As a result, the crews are facing hot, dry weather with smoky air conditions. Thank you all for #doingessential work! #OutPerformingEveryday #INTRENStrong #Utahwind

With INTREN crews beginning to mobilize home from Louisiana and for those that remain, we'd like to thank the hundreds of personnel that were both on the ground restoring power and the support teams coordinating the storm effort from their regions. Thank you all for your perseverance and dedication to our utility customer and to the great people of Louisiana and Texas. You are #INTRENStrong! #Laura

intren crews clean up after a california heat stormOur California line crews are #doingessentialwork to rebuild power lines in the Santa Cruz area after wildfires damaged the structures. Since August 15, California has experienced nearly 14,000 lightning strikes that sparked more than 700 wildfires and charred 1.3 million+ acres and destroyed 2,000 buildings.

Thank you to all the lineworkers restoring power and to the 15,000+ firefighters and personnel working on containing the fires. You are truly #heroeswithoutcapes!

Intren Crews Clean Up after a Utah Windstorm in SeptemberIf there has been one consistency over the last several months it has been storm events. From heat, ice, wind, and hurricanes (Isaias, Laura, Sally, Zeta, and Eta!), crews throughout the country have mobilized from one storm to the next to assist our utility partners in restoring power. Those states have included California, Alabama, Louisiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, Utah, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

For every line crew on storm- along with road techs and safety professionals- there are also hundreds of support employees who work to keep them safe and productive. We also can’t forget the families that the storm teams leave behind, many of whom have young children. We thank them for their incredible sacrifice.

We are especially grateful to our utility partners that trust us to do the job safely and efficiently while engaging with their customers. 2020 has been a challenging year, but we have found that we are and always will be #INTRENStrong. Thank you all for #OutPerformingEveryday!

UCA LogoINTREN is proud to congratulate Vice Chairman of the Board Lance Rosenmayer on his recent appointment as President of the Underground Contractors Association of Illinois.

“Lance’s extensive utility construction background, years of service at UCA of IL, along with many other industry and charitable NPO’s, make him well suited to tackle the tough issues that we currently face,” said UCA Executive Director Michael Wiedmaier. “His dedication and leadership will leave the association and industry better positioned for the future.”

Lance has been a Director at UCA of IL since 2013 and will be serving as President from October 2020 to September 2022. Lance has been on the executive committee the last four years serving a two-year term as Secretary and Vice President.

“During this unprecedented time, members needs are changing, and it is vital that we adapt,” said Lance Rosenmayer. “Now, more than ever, it is important to be the voice for the contractor concerning legislation and best safety practices.”

UCA of IL was incorporated in 1957 with a mission to serve and advance the Underground Industry and our members, who provide quality utility installation for the citizens of Illinois, following the highest legal, moral and ethical standards. UCA currently has over 220 contractors, associates and consulting engineer members.

2020 NECA AwardINTREN is honored to receive the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Recognition of Achievement for Safety Excellence award. We are especially proud of our crew members from coast-to-coast that continually put safety first despite the challenges they have faced this year.

“Being recognized for achievement in safety excellence by NECA is a tremendous honor,” said Director of Safety and Quality Tyler Herdendorf. “It confirms how dedicated and committed the organization is to the safety and health of all its employees. Creating a safety culture is a never-ending challenge but it’s worth it when we all strive for the same goal of everyone going home safely. By focusing on leading indicators, hazard recognition, and employee development through training, we will obtain our ultimate goal of error-free performance.”

NECA represents the $130 billion/year electrical contracting industry.

INTREN has been in the Chicago civil market for more than 20 years. Since then we have taken the work from California to Maryland and everywhere in between. With the expertise to take on large, complex projects, our goal has always been to deliver safe, quality work that is on time, and on budget. Watch our video on complex civil projects to see how we continually strive to be the measure of excellence.

Diversity Equality InclusionRecently, INTREN formed a Diversity Action Council in order to create a structured and ongoing approach to our diversity goals.

The council’s strategic initiatives include enhancing diverse recruitment, fostering ERGs, retaining and developing diverse talent, utilizing external diversity advisors, and recommitting to diversity education. As a WBE and a tier 2 diversity supplier, INTREN has long been dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion. As the first utility contractor to pledge our support to CEO Action in 2019, we joined 900 global CEOs to take collective action on DEI in the workplace.

Our focus has long been on supporting diversity-focused third-party efforts and mentoring/supporting diverse subcontractors. Internally, we have conducted unconscious bias training, along with having a Culture Team focused on diversity initiatives.

However, this is only the beginning. We look forward to working closely with our customers and fostering continued positive change throughout our organizations.

The Philly Team The Philly Team The Philly Team The Philly Team

Congratulations to our Philadelphia Overhead and Underground crews for achieving one-year incident-free! It is your dedication to uncompromised safety and your continuous efforts to improve that has led to this significant milestone. Great job! #OutPerformingEveryday

Carmine Mariano

Hats off to Journeyman Operator Carmine Mariano of the Bore Division, who has dedicated 25 years of his life to INTREN!

"I don't even know where to begin when it comes to describing Carmine and his work ethic because there is so much to say, said Blanket Boring Project Manager Cheryl Kiesel. "From his attention to detail, his always positive attitude, to the level of ownership and pride he takes in his work, Carmine is ALWAYS delivering (and always with a smile)! Carmine is definitely part of the backbone in this department and we appreciate him and all he does for his crew, our department, and INTREN as a whole."

Executive Vice President Matthew Turk added, "Carmine has been a key field leader for us for many years and brings to us his passion for excellence. He also always wanted to grow and learn, and he continually attended the Union training to increase his skills." Congratulations and a huge thank you to Carmine for his 25 years of outstanding service!