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Jessie Harms receives his white hard hat

St. Louis inspection apprentice Jessie Harms (middle) received his white hardhat today from Foreman Dave Politte (left) and General Foreman Dean Davis (right).

The Green Hard Hat program is just one of the initiatives implemented by our Occupational Health & Safety Department at INTREN to ensure the safety of all our crew members. This program identifies new workers by using green hard hats to communicate to our other experienced employees and our subcontractors of their status. This also denotes that INTREN's experienced and dedicated employees will need to mentor them during their first few months working for our company.


A Message from President & CEO Kelly Tomblin

The Year 2020 has challenged us in ways we never could have imagined. From a global pandemic to national political unrest, to a rare derecho weather event, INTREN has had to navigate with a new awareness and improved agility. We have been forced to accelerate and deepen the conversations we were having about diversity, equity, and inclusion and we have learned to pivot instantly when regulations and guidance changed related to keeping our teams safe. Through it all, we have emerged stronger, more connected, and more committed.

Given that INTREN’s normal work includes emergency disaster response, it shouldn’t be surprising that INTREN started its COVID-19 preparation even before the virus had a name. We started briefing our nearly 2,000 employees on social distancing and other steps outlined by the CDC to prevent virus transmission in February. We did what we needed to do to keep our field crews working from coast to coast, supporting the critical electric and gas infrastructure work needed by our utility customers during this pandemic.

INTREN’s efforts were led by an experienced team for pandemic preparedness, including members who worked on a utility’s pandemic preparedness team, managed utility operations during an infectious disease outbreak, led a state-wide respiratory health organization and directed response teams for disaster responses. We have now had a limited number of positive cases (all well), and we have kept all our essential workers working.

When many of the cities we do business in experienced the effect of protests, from Baltimore to St. Louis to Philly to San Francisco, our teams listened with compassion and continued to maintain electric and gas infrastructure. When asked about our position during the midst of unrest, we simply stated “We Stand for Love.” While that might not be a typical corporate term, we thought it captured what we saw from coast to coast—workers who didn’t look alike working side by side, employees stopping to help neighbors in new and creative ways, courageous support for our customers and each other. I just finished a three-month company-wide tour, and I was proud to witness the INTREN spirit in action in each and every office I visited.

Today, we all proudly wear our declaration of #INTRENSTRONG in honor of what we have done and will do together to serve our customers and our communities. While the world may continue to present unprecedented situations, we know that our planning, our execution, and our spirit will provide the foundation for meeting each new demand with optimism, resolve, resilience and respect.

Chris PayneFor the past 30 years, Chris has worked with construction companies in the utility industry in California and Arizona. Most recently, he was Director of Operations for Power Contracting LLC, where he oversaw transmission, distribution and substation projects on the West Coast.
Prior, he was Associate Vice President for Black & Veatch, where he ran all construction and joint venture projects for the Power Delivery and Telecom Business Units across the United States.
We are excited to have Chris as part of the INTREN team, not only for his extensive experience in utility construction but his exceptional track record of staff development.
A power line crosses the Great Miami River in OhioThe Amanda A Project in Trenton, Ohio is converting a system from 4 kV to 12.47 kV and is requiring work on the shores of the Great Miami River. Two overhead crews and one cable pulling crew set up on both sides to pull in 1000’ of new conductor across the river using heavy-duty cable pulling equipment The challenge? Limited space for a normal set-up. The crews got the job done by using a transmission bucket on the east side of the river to get to the top of the pole. Thank you to Project Manager Anita Gindling and our amazing crews for being #INTRENStrong! #OutPerformingEveryday
Mickleton-Paulsboro-Valero 69 kV circuit rebuildRecently, our transmission crews were #doingessentialwork in New Jersey, where they completed a complex project. The utility customer’s principal project manager congratulated the contractors and consultants on their tremendous successes!

“The 0746 Mickleton-Paulsboro-Valero 69 kV circuit rebuild was completed, energized and is now carrying load. Successful rebuild and restoration of the 0746 circuit marks another major milestone for the 69 kV and 12 kV upgrades at Mickleton Substation.”

“At this stage, the Mickleton Substation 69 kV ring bus is energized, and work has been completed on all four (4) of the 69 kV Mickleton transmission circuits. Working through an extremely complex sequence of projects with multiple phases, I would like to express my thanks to all of you for your contributions which directly led to the achievement of this project milestone. Substation improvements, underground transmission, overhead transmission, distribution line, transmission line bypasses, remote ends - - all complex facets that required thorough planning and diligent execution across multiple phases to successfully converge in a coordinated and collaborative effort.” 

“Again, thank you, and congratulations on the accomplishment!” 
Des Moines Crew with Tucker"This morning I was driving in Des Moines, IA when my 5-year old son noticed your work trucks. Being the curious boy, he is at 5-yrs old, he asked what he was doing. Expecting a brief answer, I was surprised when the worker told my son they were digging a hole and asked him if he wanted to see it.

The worker climbed out of his truck, put on his safety gear, and walked my son over to the spot they were working on. The worker kneeled and showed my son how they will be using the big bolts to hold the light pole, how the lights were going to be installed and explained the spot where then 5G internet will be on the pole. He even posed for a picture with my boy!
This man totally made a 5-yr old boy's day just by taking the time to show him his work!!"

--Nathanial, Homeowner

Thank you to Foreman Aaron Boylan, along with General Foreman Cory Michel, Journeyman/Wireman Jim Melcher, and Apprentice Jackson Rosenmayer for your kindness. You are truly #INTRENStrong #OutPerformingEveryday
Thank you to our extraordinary gas team and Foreman Nick Boemme, Pipefitter Michael Naylor and Laborer Sammy Figueroa for #OutPerformingEveryday! #INTRENStrong
Mike Peterson - Intren RetireeCongratulations to INTREN's Civil team veteran Mike Peterson on his recent retirement! Mike started working with INTREN under Mike Miller for the Civil Department in 2002. He then traveled and worked on many projects including:
  • The Bent Tree Wind Farm Project (Albert Lea, Minnesota)
  • Rebuilding electrical manholes, vaults and installing conduit (Sioux City, IA)
  • Rebuilding vault roofs (Des Moines, IA)
  • The Streetcar Project (Cincinnati, OH)  
Mike has spent the last 5 years mentoring young foreman and has passed on his vast construction knowledge and experience of rebuilding electrical manholes and vaults to our Civil team.
Thank you for your dedication and contribution to INTREN. We wish you a happy, healthy and safe retirement! From the photos, we have an idea of how you will be spending it!
Dan Proffitt of Intren"Our Civil Crews show up with the attitude to navigate the rapid changes, obstacles, and challenges that our workgroup is faced with every day. Each one of us contributes a unique skill set that allows us to deliver a quality product, safely and on time to meet our customers' needs. This is accomplished while keeping an eye out for each other, the public, and the future of what we do. Being a member of this team is what makes Civil #INTRENStrong."

– Dan Proffitt, General Foreman
Thank you to our Cincinnati team for #OutPerformingEveryday!

"I would like to thank the team of workers who put up the new telephone poles and disconnected/reconnected them on my street. They were all very professional and courteous as they all worked together with safety in mind, for themselves and the vehicles speeding by them."

-- Homeowner, Lebanon, Ohio