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Gas Utility Contractor

At INTREN, we understand that progressing communities are based on an infrastructure of sound natural gas delivery. As a premier WBE contractor, we take pride and are mindful that we play a key role in providing our natural gas utilities a reliable service as they serve their customers. As one of the foremost nationwide natural gas service providers with a strong management team, our expertise can be counted on to complete the job safely and on schedule with our customers goals and needs in mind.

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Services and Capabilities

We service projects of all types. Our highly experienced team specializes in innovative and custom natural gas utility solutions for urban and rural construction projects, enhanced by detailed scheduling including GPS routing. INTREN is a nationwide provider of complex underground projects for major natural gas utilities, including infrastructure installations, repairs and maintenance for an increasingly competitive natural gas marketplace.

Natural Gas Services

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  • Main extension and replacement
  • Service installation and replacement
  • Conversion projects
  • Station work
  • Storage fields
  • Disconnects/reconnects/relights
  • Metering installation and replacement
  • Automated meter reading and installation
  • Vault installation and replacement
  • Inspection services
  • Pipeline integrity – excavation and repair
  • Core boring and hydro excavating
  • GPS facility data collection capabilities
  • Cathodic protection
    • Anodes
    • Rectifiers
  • Directional drilling
    • Pre- and post-sewer main televising
    • Gas service bore televising

Training and Safety

As stewards of thriving communities, INTREN believes that training, education and safety are of the utmost priority. INTREN’s Operator Qualification certified and safety award-winning employees insure our customers, community and work sites are as safe and productive as possible. In-house courses paired with union and other valuable industry training programs ensure our employees’ skill sets remain on the cutting edge. Our core practices include:

  • Operator Qualification
  • Safety training
  • Self-assessment
  • Key performance indicators
  • Proactive prevention
  • Leadership training

INTREN adheres to the Midwest Energy Association (MEA) Standard of Operator Qualification, a consortium of energy delivery industry organizations that pursue operational excellence, enhancing customer and employee safety, and creating positive customer relations.