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  • Intren Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management

INTREN is an award-winning WBE specialty contractor that serves the nation’s largest utilities, private contractors and developers, municipalities, and cooperatives. Our vegetation management team utilizes multiple practices to effectively clear vegetation, keeping it a safe distance from electrical lines or other utilities, while also identifying and removing hazard trees. This work increases safety and allows for convenient access to power lines, which in turn improves electrical system reliability.

In addition to clearing designated areas manually or with quality equipment, our experienced crews are licensed to use environmentally friendly pesticides to prevent regrowth and ensure that non-targeted areas remain healthy.

Our Vegetation Management Capabilities Include:

  • Maintenance mowing
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree clearing and removal
  • Herbicide application
  • Risk mitigation and identification of hazard trees
  • Emergency response and equipment
  • Sudden or extreme weather conditions can impact the need for vegetation management. INTREN is available to provide 24/7 emergency response.

Featured Project

As part of the construction of new 345 kV transmission lines for an electric utility in Illinois, we cleared several long portions of land along a 375-mile stretch from Palmyra, Missouri, to Sugar Creek, Indiana, with a 150-foot-wide total right-of-way clearance. The Illinois rivers project work took three years and multiple crews to complete. INTREN was on site for the full duration of the project, which was completed with zero OSHA recordables and no lost time work cases.