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Recently, JULIE released a new web-based Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) tool that allows excavators to enter and update dig tickets online. Because this new application is web-based, tickets can now be entered from any web-enabled device such as computers or tablets…even phones!

As one of the top five largest Illinois companies that use JULIE, INTREN generates numerous tickets. The remote ticket entry will make that process safer, faster and more efficient.

When the new tool was released, a focused training effort was organized by Matt Kirchman, INTREN's Project Management Office Director, ensuring all users with an RTE account received training on the new system.

"When the new RTE tool became available, we realized that we had a chance to be an industry leader by embracing new technology to help us perform our work more safely and efficiently," says Kirchman. "Not only did we target the group of employees that were using the old desktop application, but we also looked to find people that were previously phoning in tickets. Our goal was to turn them in to RTE users so that they could better provide the information required to get accurate locates on the ground."

Training wrapped up in October, and the tool is now available to all RTE account holders. For more information, visit the Remote Ticket Entry page on the Julie Illinois One-Call System website.