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Engineering News-Record’s (ENR) regional publication, ENR Midwest, has named INTREN No. 2 Midwest specialty contractor in 2016, according to its annual Top Specialty Contractors list. This recognition is based off performance and revenue generated by the specialty contractor in 2015.

ENR Midwest’s 2016 specialty contractor lists ranks according to construction revenue in 2015 from specialty contracting in a prime or subcontracting capacity. The company rose two spots in the Top Specialty Contractors list, from No. 4 in 2015 to No. 2 in 2016. The specialty contractor, who specializes primarily in utility construction, exceeded $300 million in revenue in 2015 for the first time in the company’s 28-year history.

“In the last two years INTREN has experienced exponential growth by providing turnkey solutions to utilities’ grid modernization efforts,” said INTREN President Lance Rosenmayer. “Moving up in ENR’s list is another indicator that our company is on the right path in this industry. We look forward to continued growth and furthering our message of stewardship and diversity as we expand our footprint on both the east and west coasts.”

Engineering News-Record also named INTREN No. 53 U.S. specialty contractor in its 2016 Top 600 Specialty Contractors list. INTREN rose 18 spots in the Top 600 Specialty Contractors list, climbing from the No. 71 spot in 2015 to No. 53 in 2016.

INTREN’s movement in both lists in 2016 is primarily due to the contractor’s strong foothold in the Midwest. The specialty contractor was ranked by ENR Midwest as No. 1 in the utility sector and in numerous Midwest states: No. 2 in Illinois, No. 12 in Wisconsin and No. 15 in Missouri. 

For more information on INTREN’s developing business and capabilities, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sometimes, speaking with a strong voice just isn’t enough – you need to think bigger. This month, INTREN launched a unique billboard campaign that will be very hard to miss and attract attention from miles around.

“Changing the Face of Construction” brings the benefits of diversity front and center as INTREN CEO, Loretta Rosenmayer, and Stephanie Hickman, President & CEO of Trice Construction celebrate their collaboration in rebuilding and upgrading manholes in the St. Louis area. 

The goal of the campaign is to celebrate women in construction and promote working with diverse joint venture partners, subcontractors and suppliers and raise awareness of the potential benefits that good corporate citizenship brings to communities. 

To learn more about INTREN’s Diversity Mentoring, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Executive Vice President of Operations & Business Development

INTREN’s Midwest Central (MWC) Boring and Midwest South (MWS) Cincinnati Civil Department reached a rare milestone in the utility construction industry, completing one year of work incident-free. INTREN’s MWC Boring Department completed 365 days of work with no incidents as of August 28, 2016. The MWS Cincinnati Civil Department completed 365 days of work with no incidents as of August 31, 2016.  Both departments went one year without an OSHA recordable or an at-fault utility damage.

“This is a major accomplishment for our company and our industry,” Lance Rosenmayer, INTREN's President, said. “It is the training, skill and expertise of our field employees and our safety culture, which has made this accomplishment possible. We share our best practices across our divisions and the industry to promote a higher safety standard. The construction industry continues to change, demanding higher standards of safety and performance. We, as a service provider to our customers, are proud of these two departments’ accomplishments in achieving this milestone in the past year.”

A complete, incident-free year is a rare accomplishment in the construction industry.  The sheer volume and complexity of the work completed has made this a monumental milestone for INTREN. The MWC Boring Department is made up of 265 INTREN employees, and completed almost 600,000 man-hours in the past 365 days while working with ComEd to help maintain and replace 761 miles of direct buried cable across seven Northern Illinois counties.

INTREN’s MWS Department started work with a major electric power holding company in Cincinnati in 2015 with 4 laborers and 1 operator and has grown to nearly 90 personnel covering civil, submersible & cable replacement. The MWS Cincinnati Civil Department is comprised of 11 employees, which successfully completed over 32,000 man-hours incident-free in the past 365 days. In the past year, the civil department completed: 13 manhole ceiling replacements, 10 vault transformer bay restorations, 3 secondary buss room restorations - requiring insulation and isolation, 5 emergent vault and manhole jobs, as well as performing 47 key inspections in Cincinnati, Ohio. All vault work was completed with power on so their customers’ service would not be interrupted.

“These crews were trained by our experienced leaders who built a team of passionate, caring, hard-working people that believe in and live INTREN’s culture of safety and integrity,” said INTREN’s MWS Account Manager, Steve Littrell. “Their dedication demonstrates to our customer our commitment to completing the job accurately, safely and on-time.” 

Much of this success is credited to INTREN’s safety culture and its employees’ commitment to error-free work. INTREN is also an active participant and leader in ComEd’s Safety Rules for Life. Their set of rules enforce strict safety standards and procedures which INTREN adheres to on all work sites.

ComEd’s Safety Rules for Life mandate:

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) always be worn when performing critical tasks
  2. Establishing & enforcing a Zone of Protection
  3. Always testing before touching
  4. Always meeting confined & enclosed space safety requirements

“We feel it is very important every field employee understands and follows INTREN’s safety guidelines and protocols,” Sean Hughes, INTREN’s MWC Account Manager, said. “At INTREN, we believe in identifying best practices, adapting them and strictly enforcing them. We take pride in going above and beyond what is required to keep our crews safe.”

To learn more about INTREN’s boring departments, contact Account Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Account Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

INTREN has officially completed over 4,000 miles of cable injection and cable replacement for ComEd since 2007 as one of their Contractors of Choice (COC).  Included in this total is ComEd’s Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (EIMA) project to modernize and strengthen Northern Illinois’ electrical grid, which began in 2012.

In the past year, INTREN has addressed 772 miles, which is equal to 712 miles of cable replacement and 60 miles of cable injection with its 52 boring crews.  It will put us on target to easily surpass our goal of 777 miles in 2016.

To learn more about INTREN’s cable replacement program, contact Account Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Through the company’s cornerstone of stewardship, INTREN looks at participation in industry associations in the same way it does charitable organizations.  INTREN has strategically placed itself as a leader by hiring and training experienced individuals in the gas distribution field and encouraging them to take on leadership roles.  Within the company’s gas division, three of its top, client-facing employees have gone above and beyond to help influence decisions that will impact the gas industry for years to come.

“Our participation in organizations like the Midwest Energy Association (MEA), Distribution Contractors Association (DCA), and the American Gas Association (AGA), are crucial to INTREN’s growth in the industry and in fulfilling our clients growing needs,” said Lloyd Gillespie, INTREN’s Business Development Manager. “Encouraging INTREN employees to join and contribute to these organizations not only helps INTREN make an impact on the organization in the industry, but serves as a way to get ahead of regulations and new technologies in the industry. Our goal is to continually provide new, innovative solutions for our customers.”

Gillespie, a 40-year veteran of the gas industry who specializes in the replacement and maintenance of aging gas distribution systems, is on the Gas Advisory Committee of the MEA. This allows Gillespie to participate in key decisions that the MEA Gas is making. Participation also provides guidance relative to the MEA Gas summit training sessions held annually.

Steve Canestrini, INTREN’s Operator Qualifications Manager, is on the MEA’s Gas committee, which oversees the Operator Qualifications (OQ) throughout the industry. 

Doug Anderson, INTREN’s Gas Account Manager, is on a scholarship committee for the DCA which helps provide funds, via a scholarship, to a student who is attending a vocational or technical college. Anderson also participated on the DCA’s Directional Drilling Committee in previous years.  Anderson’s leadership position in the DCA places INTREN in a position to help shape guidelines and standards in the gas distribution industry.

“I am very proud and excited to work with such experienced gas professionals who are committed to the integrity and advancement of the industry,” said Jeff Nauman, INTREN’s Vice President of Gas Operations.  “INTREN’s success has always been built on the leadership and strength of its valued employees.”

For more information on the MEA, visit, the DCA, visit, or the AGA, visit For more information on INTREN's Gas Division, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Vice President of Gas Operations.

INTREN is committed to environmental, economic and social sustainability throughout its organization.  From agreeing to participate in the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance (EUISSCA) in 2011, to making long-term investments in technology and techniques that reduce emissions, INTREN has made significant investments to stay ahead of customer demands.

Last year, Loretta Rosenmayer, along with other CEOs from major corporations, met with President Obama to discuss the American Business Act on Climate Pledge. From this meeting, INTREN set forth efforts to further impact the company’s effect on climate change. To date, INTREN has:

  1.  Developed an Environmental and Sustainability Programs Department focused on INTREN’s efforts for a sustainable future, led by Tim Ayers, Director of Safety & Quality and Kiwanda Evans, Environmental and Program Administrator. 
  2. Purchased 50% clean, renewable energy for its offices across the nation.
  3. Opened 6 satellite offices to reduce employee commute time and Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG). From 2014 to 2015, INTREN has reduced GHG emissions by 8% in relation to employee commute times.
  4. Reduced idle time of field vehicles by 3% and is making an active effort to increase education and awareness of its vehicles’ effects on GHG emissions.
  5. Added 23 eco-friendly vehicles to its fleet with 17 of these vehicles for INTREN’s Construction Management Solutions Division, L2CMS, which will reduce CO2 output by 50% for this region.  INTREN plans to add 6 more eco-friendly vehicles by the end of 2016.
  6. As of July 2016, transitioned to a paperless process for on-boarding new hires. The Human Resources Department successfully transitioned 46 paper forms into electronic forms. This transition saves 56,000 sheets of paper per year, 3,000 kWh of energy, and 5,000 gallons of waste-water annually.

The Environmental and Sustainability Programs Department is also investigating the environmental impact of using non-potable water for boring and the effect it might have on the environment. INTREN has also begun repurposing old equipment and electronics by selling them to employees at a fraction of the cost. INTREN has also begun looking into repurposing pieces of material from field.

To learn more about INTREN’s sustainability initiatives, email Kiwanda Evans, Environmental and Program Administrator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

INTREN has partnered with Predictive Solutions to integrate our current audit tool into Safety Net - the next generation of capturing job-site observations.  INTREN’s supervision invests large amounts of time evaluating employee behaviors and plans to invest in capturing more accurate information, analyzing the data and providing improved intelligence available from these efforts.  INTREN believes deeper analysis of these visits can further determine what may happen in the future, and will ultimately help prevent incidents.

The Safety Net program will use web-based data entry that is built to be intuitive allowing observers to quickly enter all the information identified in real-time.  The observer can target specific areas for improvement, easily add photographs, comments, the severity level for each individual finding, and create a safer work environment for everyone.

When reviewing, INTREN supervisors can see specific risks where they will want to focus their improvement efforts. Supervision will be alerted of high risk findings via Safety Net’s automated communication protocol upon being entered by any observer facilitating teamwork, swift response and resolution.

Once we begin loading INTREN’s observations into Safety Net, our data will be compared and evaluated against thousands of other Safety Net observers across the nation. The result will be a true team effort in driving all of us towards a future of zero incidents.

“Zero injuries is the goal we are all ultimately working toward. The path to zero requires us to understand areas that require our attention and improvement,” said Tim Ayers, INTREN’s Safety & Quality Director. “We were looking for a tool that allows us to easily enter this information, while on the job-site.  Equally as important is the ability to sift through our data and determine where we need to focus our improvement efforts.  We feel Safety Net is that tool.”

To learn more about INTREN’s Safety Net Audit Tool, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., INTREN’s Director Safety & Quality.

Our women of INTREN are forward thinking, committed, and confident as demonstrated by INTREN’s POWER Group (Promoting Of Women in Energy Roles). These talented women encourage leadership growth and development through an exchange of information, expertise, and training. Although, all women throughout the company are invited to attend, senior management and various department personnel are also welcome to join in as topic facilitators, guest speakers or as guests.

This diversity-related initiative is just one of several programs sponsored by INTREN in an effort to build a stronger and more inclusive organization that attracts and retains emerging leaders. 

Program results are measured by action, not merely the passage of time. INTREN women are involved in a variety of company-wide committees, community projects and industry events.  Additionally, the company has gone well beyond awareness as it continues to have open conversations about topics that were seldom discussed before.  Finally, and most importantly, women continue to advance into leadership positions within the company.  Most notably within the past few months:

  • Sarah Douglas, Director, L2CMS
  • Kiwanda Evans, Environmental and Program Administrator
  • Brenda Gunnick, Account Manager, Midwest Region North/West

Diversity breeds innovation and INTREN’s industry presence demands a national mindset. Most recently, members of the POWER Group attended both the MEA Energetic Women’s Conference in Houston, Texas as well as the WBENC National Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Both events centered on encouraging leadership growth and development, mentoring, sharing information and expertise.  All while inspiring and supporting women in the industry.

The POWER Group is a clear example of how INTREN continues to change the industry’s attitude toward female employees. By offering challenging, interesting positions as a top motivator for staying in non-traditional fields and investing in personal development, the company continues to build retention and advance its focus on diversity.

To learn more about INTREN’s POWER Group, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Human Resources Manager.

Congratulations to INTREN's Midwest South (MWS) Cincinnati Civil Department for completing one year of work incident free on August 31, 2016! This is the second department to reach this milestone in the same week at INTREN – a feat we are very proud to celebrate across the company!

The MWS Cincinnati Civil Department is comprised of 15 employees in the field and office that put in a combined total of over 32,000 man-hours in the past 365 days while working to replace and maintain over 18 manhole rebuilds and repairs, and over 45 key inspections for Duke Energy in Cincinnati, Ohio. INTREN started this civil project work with 3 Laborers and 2 Operators, and has grown to nearly 90 personnel covering civil, submersible and cable replacement.

"Our culture creates a working environment that attracts, develops and retains people who are committed to bringing exceptional value to our customers and is what attracted our dedicated workers in Cincinnati," said INTREN MWS Account Manager, Steve Littrell. "These crews were trained by our experienced leaders who built a team of passionate, caring, hard-working people who believe in and live INTREN's culture of safety and integrity. Their dedication demonstrates to our customer our commitment to completing the job accurately, safely and on-time."

The MWS Cincinnati Civil Department team was led in Cincinnati by Chris Murphy, Project Manager and in St. Louis by Matthew Guenzler, Senior Project Manager. Team members in Cincinnati are Joe Bath, Superintendent, Shane Rudisell, General Foreman, Brett Osman, Foreman Laborer, Phil Kidder, Foreman Laborer, Ron Elam, Laborer, Mike Sinclair, Operator, and Justin Williamson, Lineman.  Steve and his whole team would also like to thank the support that other departments have provided over the last year, from the Safety Department, Support Services and material handlers, to the office personnel that put the jobs together.

We are proud to announce that INTREN’s Midwest Central Boring Department reached a milestone over the weekend.  On Sunday, August 28th, 2016, our crews successfully went one year incident free – a great accomplishment for this department and the leaders from the two boring groups that comprise the MWC Boring Department!

The Cable Replacement Boring and the Directional Bore Crews, a combined effort of 265 people from the department, put in close to 600,000 man hours to reach this remarkable feat!  The success of these two groups can be credited to the safety culture embedded in INTREN’s management and the leaders of the groups – from the top down, everyone involved believes in the culture of safety.

‘We assembled a team to address the issues this department was having in the field.  That team had some tough decisions to make but they built a plan almost three years ago to take a hard look at what they had to do to improve in the field. There were a lot of issues off the bat, but I am happy that the team stuck with their plan and saw it through to the end,” said Sean Hughes, Account Manager Midwest Central.

This team is directed by two different groups – the URD/Cable Replacement Group and the Regional Boring Group. From the Cable Replacement Group, the team was led by Len Coulman, Senior Project Manager, Jason Schmitt, Project Manager, Rick Ryman, Project Manager, Violeta Gonzalez, Assistant Project Manager, Diane Loftin, Assistant Project Manager, Matt Sherry, Superintendent, Joe Hopperstad, General Foreman, Matt McGowan, General Foreman, Chris Tipton, General Manager, Josh Buckley, Foreman, Dan Durling, Foreman, Jeff Gingerich, Foreman, Shawn Keyster, Foreman, Marty Kunz, Foreman, Jason Peters, Foreman, Jimmy Rodriguez, Foreman, Mike Schoon, Foreman, John Taylor, Foreman, Mario Valencia, Foreman, and Don Welch, Foreman.

From the Blanket Boring Group, the team was led by Ben Turk, Project Manager, Matt Sherry Superintendent, Dan Fleck, Foreman, Francisco Flores, Foreman, and Mark Schreiber Foreman.  We also want to thank the support that other departments have given to the MWC Boring Department over the last year, from the Safety Department, Support Services and material handlers, to the back office personnel that put the packages and switching teams together.