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A training session
This week the Mueller company trained our Midwest Gas Division on performing tapping and stopping on gas lines. Tapping and stopping is a complex process performed when connecting new gas mains to existing facilities. This training ensures the safety of our employees when performing these tasks and safely controlling the flow of gas in a pipeline.

The Gas department continues to offer INTREN employees this and other training classes to ensure we maintain a safe and high-performing work force to meet our customers' growing needs.
Green Hat GraduationJerry Cartwright and Jonathan Lagemann with the Midwest Region Underground Electric department completed the Green Hard Hat Program last week. Thanks to Foreman Will Folk and his crew for helping train and develop our new workforce.
Our Gas group, working out of Middle River, MD, celebrated the graduation of three employees recently.  Each one is relatively new to INTREN, but all crews have taken a proactive approach to mentorship and making sure that all employees receive the necessary guidance in order to work safely. Pictured below is Laborer Willie Davis Jr (right) with General Foreman Ron Kincaid.   2nd picture is Laborer Jacob Nelson (right) with Foreman David Figueroa.  3rd picture is Laborer Mike Karavas (left) with Foreman Joe Long.

Laborer Willie Davis Jr (right) with General Foreman Ron Kincaid Laborer Jacob Nelson (right) with Foreman David Figueroa Laborer Mike Karavas (left) with Foreman Joe Long
A flyer from the ASPIRE ConferenceINTREN President Lance Rosenmayer is honored to participate today as a panelist at ASPIRE 2019 hosted by Smart Business Magazine at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago. The event connects entrepreneurs, investors and dealmakers for a day of dynamic content and networking. Congratulations, Lance!
Intren and Miller Construction in 2018
June marks the one-year anniversary of joining forces with Miller Construction Company and we couldn't be prouder to call this amazing team part of the INTREN family.

When we first met Miller CEO Christina Ernst, we were impressed that they were a third-generation full-service electrical contracting company and a leading WBE. However, as we learned more about the company her grandfather built, we realized that we valued the same culture, which centered upon a deep customer focus, an ongoing commitment to safety, and a true caring for our employees and the communities we serve. It was because of these shared values that we knew we had found a true partner.

We also had the honor of welcoming Christina Ernst to the INTREN Board of Directors, which is still one of the few women-controlled boards in the utility contractor space. Her guidance and contribution are invaluable, and reinforces what founder Loretta Rosenmayer has always said, "companies do well in the marketplace by doing good."

Even though each one of the Miller employees now feel like family, we will continue to honor the Miller legacy and the three generations that built that extraordinary company.
A group photo at the safety lab
WBENC's National Conference kicked off with a bang Tuesday, June 26 in Baltimore, MD as INTREN joined Pacific Gas & Electric in sponsoring a Safety Lab that focused on safety as a 24/7 mindset and the foundation of doing business in the utility construction industry.

CEO Kelly Tomblin discussed INTREN's company-wide initiatives, including employees' health, wellness, and psychological safety. Operation Directors Sarah Douglas and Jill Walter, along with Business Development Manager Lloyd Gillespie, led participants through hands-on safety activities.
Amerin American Eagle Award 2018 Plaque

It is a proud day at INTREN as Director of Operations Matt Guenzler and his St. Louis team received the Ameren Contractor Eagle Award “In Recognition of Exceptional Safety Performance and Commitment to the Safety of Your Employees”. This program tracks a company’s work group performance regarding motor vehicle accidents, injuries, and unplanned outage events. The Eagle Award is the highest contractor award presented for safety and quality performance.

“Safety is our number one priority and one of our core values,” said Occupational Health & Safety Director Tyler Herdendorf.  “We are committed to  sending our employees home safe and healthy every day.  All crew members, crew leaders and supervisors own the responsibility to keep each other safe and that is why at INTREN, every person has the authority to stop a job.”

Herdendorf added, “We have an exceptionally talented workforce and are dedicated to continually building on the fundamentals of safety each and every day.”

For more information on our safety program, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Fleet Procurement team, which includes mobile techs, mechanics, delivery drivers, warehouse employees, forklift operators and more surpassed an astonishing feat of 3-years incident-free work. The achievement was accomplished with over 70 employees from coast-to-coast and a mileage log that reached over one million miles, last year alone.

“Three years of incident-free performance doesn’t just happen, said PMO and Supply Chain Director Matt Kirchman. “It takes focus by every person on the team. It takes employees looking out for one another.  It takes people that really care about working safely and carefully and I think that is reflected in the goal and the accomplishment.” 

The milestone is even more rewarding knowing that the work in both departments is extremely dangerous.

The Fleet Services team is responsible for maintaining, repairing and tracking over 3,000 pieces of equipment. Mechanics regularly deal with heavy lifting and hand tools, along with flammable liquids and climbing onto oversized equipment, such as bucket trucks and diggers.  Mobile techs have the additional risk of carrying out the same tasks by themselves in the field.  

“It doesn’t matter how good of a job you are doing if it is not done safely,” said Fleet Services Director Chris Triplett.  “Our team takes the personal initiative to know what is the safest way that a task can be accomplished.  It doesn’t matter if it takes more time or costs a few extra dollars because safety is the most important aspect.”

The procurement team is responsible for managing inventory of tools and supplies. Drivers spend long days and extended miles to deliver equipment and continually switch out vehicle types. Warehouse personal are consistently maneuvering at great heights, operating fork lifts and transporting inventory, which open themselves up to soft-tissue, line of fire or fall injuries.

Congratulations to Fleet Services and Procurement Supply Chain for outperforming everyday and being the measure of excellence in our industry.

For more information on our safety program, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Portrait of INTREN CEO Kelly TomblinINTREN is excited to announce that CEO Kelly Tomblin has been selected as one of the Most Notable Women Executives Over 50 by Crain’s Chicago Business. The feature has been published in today’s newspaper and is online at

Crain’s is the leading newspaper and online resource for news, analysis and information on business in metropolitan Chicago.

a lineman works at sunsetRecently, a Cincinnati crew noticed a grandmother and her grandson observing their line work. Upon talking with the woman, the crew learned her inquisitive little grandson had cancer.

The INTREN crew, comprised of Andy Everman, David Utley and Jason and Jeffrey Jarvis, took the time to explain what a lineman does and their role in keeping the lights on, while answering the young man’s questions.

Stewardship is at the core of INTREN’s foundation and we are proud of this crew and how they went out of their way to treat them both with compassion and understanding.