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Loretta built INTREN on the core values of safety, integrity, customer focus and employee empowerment. Yet stewardship is the cornerstone on which the company has thrived for 30 years. To Loretta, and the INTREN team, stewardship is not just a way of doing business; it is a way of life. By incorporating this approach into the very fabric of INTREN’s culture, the company has succeeded in earning the respect and support of peers, customers and the communities they serve. Loretta has established a culture where the bold truth is always present, and we care for others’ priorities as if they were our own.

For Loretta, it was very important to her to practice stewardship in both her company and her life. At INTREN, we hold true the idea that helping the community is imperative. From the beginning, INTREN has surrounded its business with three concepts of stewardship: the communities we serve, our dedicated employees and our customers. The story of our stewardship begins at each individual office. Each INTREN office has, and will continue to find charities for which they can become a part of and get involved in. It is our desire to want to help people; to lift them up; to inspire them to be the best they can be; to reach their potential; and most importantly, to improve the quality of their life. At INTREN, it is of the utmost importance to make a difference.  We are proud to say that stewardship is the cornerstone of our company. By working together to better our communities and lives, we are OutPerforming. Everyday.


 McHenry County, Illinois

Lake-Cook Counties, Illinois

Kane & Will Counties, Illinois

DuPage & Kendall Counties, Illinois




  • American Diabetes Association
  • Center for Urban Families
  • United Way

Missouri / St. Louis Area



  • United Way

Washington, D.C.