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Loretta Rosenmayer stands with 2020 award winners Patty Cassens and Mary LucarelliLiving INTREN's core values of stewardship, integrity, employee empowerment, safety, and customer focus are the criteria for being nominated for the Loretta Award. Created in honor of our founder, Loretta Rosenmayer, we are proud to announce that the 2020 award recipients are Billing Administrator Patty Cassens and Regional Fleet Manager Mary Lucarelli. Both outstanding women exemplify the traits that Loretta founded her company on.

Patty Cassens. "They are many reasons why Patty is deserving of this special award, said President and CEO Kelly Tomblin. During a very busy time, Patty galvanized a group of employees and led an effort for 'Feed Our Starving Children' where we packed meals for malnourished kids around the world". For me, it was one of the most powerful things I have ever done. Patty has also been consistently outperforming at work, while being a big part of the community, such as the Cultural Leadership Team. She is always helping others and when people need a friend, she lends an ear. We recognize you and we love you and thank you for doing Loretta's work."

Mary Lucarelli. "I could talk for an hour about all the good things I could say about Mary," said Fleet Services Director Chris Triplett. "Anybody that knows her knows that she lives and breathes for INTREN. It doesn't matter whether it is work-related or a personal issue- for us in fleet, she is our most trusted agent. If you take her a problem, the first thing-guaranteed- out of her mouth is 'what can I do to help'. She is sincere and genuine and appreciates all of us and I can't think of anybody who embodies the spirit of this company any more than Mary."

Congratulations to both Patty and Mary! Thank you for all you do and for the tremendous impact you make on INTREN and our world.